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Dipiers Technologies have a world-class team of developers equipped with the right expertise to build technology that suits the specific needs of your business. Our expertise in developing business oriented apps while deploying rich features and functionality makes our android app development services the best in Nigeria with modest plans.

With years of experience in Android application development in Nigeria, we have the efficacy to handle the following:

  • Android Software Development Kit
  • Android Media APIs
  • Android Security Architecture
  • Other Building, Testing and Debugging Applications Tools


Whether your purpose for making an app is employee enhancement, multimedia application or contest based app for increased customer interaction, we have covered all for you. Dipiers’ android app development team searches every possibility of enhancing a particular feature, so as to make it completely applicable for a particular target.


Our Android Application Development Services in Nigeria:

  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Android Apps for Markets, Advertisements and Promotions
  • Client-Server Applications
  • Location-based Android Apps
  • Android Apps for Travel, Entertainment, and Lifestyle
  • Games Application Development
  • Android Security Apps and so on


Whether you want to rebuild an iPhone application from scratch or need customary changes in the current version, we welcome our clients to offer them the best iOS app development services in Nigeria. Faster execution times, less memory consumption, scintillating graphics and stringent quality standards are some of our threshold parameters to maintain.

Our developed iOS apps mainly confine to categories of Travel, Finance, News, Sports, Business, Health and Fitness, Social Networking, Weather Reporting and so on.

Here is the Illustration of Our Services

  • Social Networking Apps
  • Games Development for iPhone
  • Custom Native Applications
  • GPS Enabled Apps
  • Enterprise Level iPhone Applications Development
  • Client-Server Based iOSApplications

How We are a Perfect Fit for Your Business?

  • From small time start-upsto grand names of the industry, we have developed apps for every category and audience.
  • Industry standards are kept as minimum benchmarks when it comes to quality of our apps.
  • Our strong technology competency and transparent development process make us an ideal choice.
  • Our professional team has 4+ years of experience in delivering the most superior iOS app development services in Nigeria.

List of Tools and Technologies Which We Use

  • Objective C/C++
  • IM and Email
  • XCode(4.3) IDE
  • GPS Positioning
  • iOS SDK, Cocoa and Swift
  • Accelerometer
  • Multi-touch and QuickTime
  • IMPS
  • Image and Audio
  • Categories for Which We Have Developed iOS Apps
  • Real Time Applications
  • Gaming Apps
  • Audio/Video Streaming Apps
  • Applications Based on Location, Calendar, Finance and Banking
  • Social Networking
  • Reality Apps and Enterprise Applications


Windows OS still owns the pride for most number of users (technical and Non-technical) in the world. The powerful OS is now geared into mobiles phone and with Windows 10.0 just launched into the market, the need of windows app development in Nigeria is only going to increase exponentially. Dipiers Technologies have steadily sail on their success of building high-end windows apps to become an esteemed windows app development company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our window app development services in Nigeria encompasses:

  • Accurate and fast Data Connectivity Applications
  • Apps Based on Accelerometer, Image Editors, WMP plug-ins; in short all Media Enhancement Apps
  • High quality Utility Apps including Mobile Anti-virus and A-GPS/GPS Apps.
  • Superior Bluetooth Apps (Apps with Rich API Support).
  • Service of Pocket Outlook Managers and Microsoft Office Mobile Enhancements

Apps that Enhances the Task Management and Other Productivity Apps


Make a call today at Dipiers Technologies and ask for the quote of your next App. We have never and will surely not disappoint you with our representation and proved testimony of our work.

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